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Students: Have you gotten your Loyola Zoom account yet?

By Media Services on Thu, 01/21/2021 - 11:29

Media Services is pleased to announce that Loyola students now have access to licensed Zoom accounts through the university. With a licensed account, students can host meetings of unlimited length that accommodate up to 300 participants. Students cannot record meetings on the cloud at this time, however you do have the option to save a recording locally on your personal computer. Please note that you will not need to use your Zoom account for attending virtual classes or recordings of them; as in the fall, you will access virtual classes on Zoom through the links provided to you by your professors.

To create your account, log in to and click the Zoom app (alternatively you can sign in via SSO at Zoom will send a confirmation to your Loyno email (note: If you have previously set up a free Basic account on Zoom using your Loyno e-mail, Zoom will convert it to a licensed account with your approval. Any previously scheduled meetings or account configurations will be preserved).

Once your account is created you can continue to access it through SSO or by going to

For tips on using Zoom, visit Loyola's Zoom Help Page and pay particular attention to the "Basics" and "Features" sections. If you have any trouble creating your account, please contact Media Services at