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Improv(is)ing research: Instructional design for serendipity in archival exploration

By Loyola University on Fri, 11/13/2020 - 08:38

Ezell, Jason, and Lucy Rosenbloom. “Improv(is)ing Research: Instructional Design for Serendipity in Archival Exploration.” Journal of Academic Librarianship. (in press).

Much academic library instruction focuses on teaching students to search strategically. However, the same approaches may not apply when teaching how to explore a digital archive. In order to develop appropriate instructional design, the authors conducted an exploratory study of their students reflections on initial classroom experiences with a digital archive. This study pilots a novel application of Lennart Björneborn's 2017 framework for serendipity to identify combinations of personal factors which enabled students to improvise affective experiences into follow-up research actions. This article offers both (1) notes for coding applications of Björneborn’s framework and (2) suggestions for instructional design centering serendipity in archival exploration.