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Using ILLiad

Please note that ILLiad is not integrated with any other library systems. All users will have to register before using ILLiad for the first time. Any changes to your name, phone number, or address must be made in ILLiad.

ILLiad does not use Single Sign On (SSO). You will have to register for an account.

If you create multiple accounts, your previous account will be merged to the newer account.

If you forget your password you can reset it using this form, or contact the ILL office by email at 

If you forget your username, contact the ILL office by email at

If you cannot login to your ILLiad account because you are blocked, you either have a second active ILLiad account, or you have an item checked out that is more than a month overdue. You will be unblocked as soon as the item is returned.

Once you're logged in to ILLiad, choose the type of item you need under the New Request menu: 

ILLiad new request menu

You can also have article requests auto-filled through our databases or Google Scholar (see below)

Requests are filled in the order in which they are received; if you need something rushed, please contact the ILL office directly by email.

You can check the status of your requests under the Outstanding Requests section of the main page.

  • Awaiting Copyright Clearance: The article is being checked to see if we have to pay copyright to borrow it.
  • Awaiting Request Processing: The request has not yet been processed.
  • Request Sent: The item has been requested from other libraries, but has not yet been received.
  • Awaiting Odyssey Processing: An article has been received electronically, but has not yet been processed by ILL staff.
  • In Electronic Delivery Processing: The article has been downloaded by ILL staff. If an item remains at this status for more than a few minutes, it may be missing pages, or need editing in order to be readable.
  • Delivered to Web: The PDF is available to view in ILLiad. PDFs remain in your account for 60 days after delivery, or until you delete them.
  • Awaiting Post Receipt Processing: The loan (book or media) has been received but is not yet on the pickup shelf.
  • Customer Notified by E-mail: The loan is available for pickup at the front desk.
  • Cancelled by ILL Staff: The request has been cancelled. Check your email for a more detailed explanation, and make sure the request complies with our policies.

If the request is for an item owned by the library, you will see one of the following statuses:

  • Awaiting DD Stacks Searching: Your request for an in-library item has been processed.
  • In DD Stacks Searching: Your request for an in-library item is being searched for in preparation for scanning.

If you are not receiving automatic ILLiad notifications, please make sure your address in ILLiad is correct, and that the emails are not getting caught in your spam folder. You can also see all email notifications by selecting Notifications in the View Menu.

If you no longer need a request, please cancel it. This helps us keep our costs down!

Click the Action button on the request and choose "Cancel Request"

ILLiad request action menu

If you want to resubmit a cancelled request, choose the request (under Cancelled Requests in the History Menu) and choose "Resubmit Request."

You will be able to edit the request before submitting it.

In the "Checked Out Items" section of the main menu, click the "Renew" button. The renewal request will then be sent to the lending library.

Requests for renewals must be made at least one day before books are due, but not more than one week before the due date.

If the item is already overdue, or you need a second renewal, contact the ILL Department directly.


When using library databases, click "Full Text Finder" to search library collections.

Full Text Finder link in a database entry

If it is available, links to our collections will take you a PDF of the requested article.

Full Text Finder available results

If it is not available, click on "Request this item through interlibrary loan."

Full Text Finder ILL link

After logging in, the request form will be automatically filled out.

Google Scholar

When using Google Scholar, set your Google Scholar preferences to include Loyola University New Orleans. When you search, you will see links to possible Open-Access PDFs and the a link for "Full Text Finder."

Google Scholar results with links to Full Text Finder

Click the Full Text Finder link to search the library's collections.

Contact Us

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