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Vision and Values

Vision of what the Monroe Library is and will become:

We envision ourselves as campus leaders in realizing the university’s Jesuit values, reflecting the diversity of our students, and contributing to the atmosphere of an inclusive and informed campus. The Library is actively defining and strengthening its unique role in the education, success, and care for our students, and as collaborators in the success of the faculty, staff, and students who make up the Loyola community. We are creating a culture of evidence-based decision-making and development with a commitment to continuous improvement through engagement with the university community. We strive to empower every student by providing the expertise, instruction, and resources they need to thrive, learn, and grow. The Library as a space for study, collaboration, and reflection should be inviting, active, and flexible.

Our Strategic Directions statement provides a concrete set of broad goals that maintain the library's focus on key values. 



 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Social Justice

The Library seeks to become a leader in the practice of social justice at Loyola University. The Library aspires to reflect the diversity of the student body in our faculty and staff. We foster equity and inclusion through initiatives to increase affordability and accessibility of our resources. By reflecting critically on our practices, we connect our campus community and researchers more meaningfully with diverse collections and inclusive approaches to information literacy.

 Discovery and Reflection

We design experiences that highlight learning as a participatory, dynamic, and lifelong process within changing environments. The Library should facilitate meaningful exchanges across the full course of learning – including exploratory and reflective modes. We create opportunities for the university community to enter scholarly, professional, and community conversations with the ethos that comes from being thoughtfully informed.

 Engagement and Collaboration

The Library will ensure that our services, resources, and spaces meet the needs of the university community through varied engagement and open communication. We will continue to engage with our library and higher education peers to evolve facilities and services. We foster opportunities for creative collaboration with and between faculty and students, and seek to build new relationships with community and university partners to amplify our reach and impact.

 Care and Respect

We will create an excellent user experience for our faculty, staff, students and our community. We show care and respect for one another in our work together, and in our partnerships. We want our community to know that we are caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable, embodying the practice of cura personalis.


Care for our students is a guiding principle of our vision and values.


March 9, 2022